Aims and Beliefs

Doctors for a Woman’s Choice on Abortion was set up in 1976 with the following aims:

  • to make it clear to the public and to MPs that a large number of doctors would favour a change in the law to give women the right to make the abortion decision
  • to press for such a change in the law
  • to answer at a medical level the arguments of anti-abortionists

Within the limits of the existing law, DWCA is campaigning for:

  • improved facilities for abortion, including day-care early medical abortion and the introduction of home medical abortion
  • all areas to meet the of the standards in the RCOG guidelines, “The Care of Women Requesting Induced Abortion“, which include waiting times and provision for counselling

DWCA believes that doctors should not be expected to perform abortions against their will, but women should be informed that they are entitled to seek help elsewhere.