A Woman’s Choice

Why should the woman decide?

DWCA believes that the woman herself is in the best position to decide the outcome of her pregnancy. It is the woman herself and not the doctor who goes through the abortion procedure or continues the pregnancy and has the baby.

We believe it should be for the woman to decide, in the light of her own moral beliefs and personal situation. It is not for doctors or anyone else to make such decisions on behalf of the woman, or to impose ther moral or religious beliefs. No one can know better than the woman herself what is right for her.

Is it right that doctors should decide?

Today abortion is a simple and safe procedure, especially if performed within the first twelve weeks of a pregnancy. Even later in pregnancy abortion is generally safer than continuing a pregnancy to term, and complications are uncommon.

Doctors decisions in relation to abortion are often influenced by personal, moral and social attitudes and not primarily by medical considerations.

Does every woman need advice?

Every woman will need information about the choice of methods for abortion, the small risks involved and the alternatives available to her.

She may also welcome the opportunity to discuss these alternatives with an impartial person trained as a counsellor, but such counselling should not be complusory.

Given the chance, every woman can make a responsible decision about the future of her pregnancy. No woman requests an abortion lightly.

What benefits would there be if abortion were made a woman’s choice?

Women would be able to plan their lives and their families without fear of an unwanted pregnancy. No woman would be forced to continue a pregnancy against her will (nor would any woman be forced to have an abortion against her will).

Women would be able to have children when they chose and when they felt able to provide them with love and care that every child needs. There would be fewer delays in seeking and obtaining help so that abortions would be performed earlier and even more safely.

Freely available contraception is essential but is not sufficient, as no contraceptive is completely reliable. Some unwanted pregnanices are inevitable.

DWCA believes strongly that abortion on request is necessary to the health and wellbeing and their families.