Parliamentary activity- Decriminalisation Bill

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Guardian letter on Decriminalisation of Abortion

Monday 20 March 2017 18.47 GMTLast modified on Monday 20 March 2017 22.00 GMT We congratulate Diana Johnston for introducing her bill (New bill to challenge UK’s Victorian-era abortion law, 14 March) and are delighted it was passed by 172 to 142 votes. As a 10-minute rule bill, it has no chance of becoming law, […]

BMA 2017 pre-AGM document on Decriminalisation of Abortion

BMA-2017-decriminalisation-of-abortion-discussion-paper-2 (1)

Trump on abortion

Donald Trump and Chris Matthews during the MSNBC town hall event where Trump called for penalties for women who have illegal abortions. ‘Here in the UK this has been the situation since 1861,’ writes Diane Munday. Why all the outrage about Donald Trump saying women who have illegal abortions should be punished (Report, 31 March)? […]

The Case for Decriminalisation of Abortion


Liberty Publication ‘Drawing the Line: Tackling Tensions between religious Freedom and Equality’

‘Drawing thet Line: Tackling Tensions between Religious Freedom and Equality’ This report is published by the International Network of Civil Liberties. The report addresses tensions between the right to religious freedom and the right to equal treatment. Three areas are addressed: LGBT rights, reproductive rights, religious appearance. The publication draws on cases across five continents […]

Prosecution of women in Northern Ireland

Pro-choice activists plan Belfast protest over woman’s abortion trial http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jan/13/pro-choice-activists-plan-belfast-protest-abortion-trial-northern-ireland

Four Facts Nancy Pelosi—and All ‘Pro-Choice’ Democrats—Should Know About Abortion

by Jodi Jacobson, Editor in Chief, RH Reality Check http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2016/01/14/pelosi-reveals-dems-persistent-inability-discuss-basic-facts-abortion/

Buffer zones around abortion clinics- Australia

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-19/abortion-clinic-buffer-zone-bill-to-protect-women-from-abuse-mp/6707726 This has successfully passed in the state of Victoria, Australia