News – Northern Ireland

January 2016

The Guardian Newspaper has run a series of articles on the legal and political obstacles to abortion in Northern Ireland, focusing on their impact on the lives of women, and the ways in which women who need abortion respond and overcome the restrictions they face in order to access safe abortion at home or on the UK mainland.

Northern Ireland medics fear prison over abortion advice 05/01/16

The Guardian view on abortion, editorial : Northern Ireland’s shame 07/01/16
Catholic church in Northern Ireland pushes against easing of abortion law 07/01/16
No extending abortion act to Northern Ireland, first female leader says 06/01/16
From Nagpur to Northern Ireland: pill pipeline helping women get round abortion laws 06/01/16
Northern Ireland’s abortion laws remain restrictive and unclear 06/01/16
Illegal pills and trauma how Northern Ireland’s abortion ban affects women 05/01/16

Voice for Choice welcomes High Court Ruling that Northern Ireland’s abortion law is incompatible with human rights 30/11/15